Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Can someone please get Jennifer Aniston knocked up already?

Since I'm way too lame to blog lately, a fab friend of mine offered to do it for me :) Hooray! If you hate tabloid fodder as much as I do, you're gonna love this one...

An Awesome Guest Post 
By Amanda Leitch-Lee:

Can someone please get Jennifer Aniston knocked up already?

Is she or isn’t she pregnant? Every week of our lives for more than ten years the tabloids have screamed of Jennifer Aniston’s impending baby. Since she and Brad Pitt tied the knot over ten years ago, we have all been on bump watch. Even after they broke up, we have all been on Code Orange for her child.

By all, I mean people who have no social lives such as myself. I quite frankly am tired of it. One minute she is reeling from a painful miscarriage, the next she is suffering through a long series of IVF treatments that did not take. Next, she is adopting.

Sadly, she has mentioned that she does want to have children. So, I am sure she is super tickled if she even bothers to read this information screaming at the grocery check out lane. Does she go to the grocery store? Why do we even care? 

What is it about this woman that sells so many magazines that proclaim she is pregnant? Do we feel like we also got the shaft when Mr. Pitt left her for Angelina Jolie? Do we feel her pain as they tromp around the world with their army of children? And Angelina had twins. Twins. That’s a bitter nugget to swallow alright.

As of today, I am making my number one priority in life to get her pregnant or adopt a child. This might prove difficult, as she does not know whom I am. We also do not have any mutual connections. But, I feel this is a mission I must undertake. I should have a chat with her possible future husband - Justin Theroux. We need to get this lady pregnant ASAP. She is 44. And quite frankly, I am begging to find a new hobby. Something less creepy. 


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  1. I love, "As of today, I'm making it my number one priority in life to get her pregnant..." Cracked me up!

    Love the guest post, and dammit, Jen, I miss the hell out of you. Get your ass back in gear. :)

  2. I can't lie. I'm feeling a little guilty for buying these magazines now. But think of all the smack I'd be missing out on the Kardashians!!

    P.S. I totally think Jen froze her eggs like years ago. Just saying.

  3. LOL just a little creepy but... I'm totally in on the task. Just dropping in to show some love and let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster Award =D


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