Monday, May 6, 2013

Mama got her bloom back


Is anyone still out there? 

If not, I don't blame you. I've been gone for the last few months on a new-job-with-crazy-hours-imposed-blogging-hiatus. I've missed writing terribly. I'm still exhausted and can't really keep up, but it is my intention to mount a comeback. So, to the few friends who remain, thank you! I've missed you too! I've got so much to tell you! Grab a lime-infused beer and let's catch up!

Spring has finally sprung here in Michigan! It was one of the longest winters that I can remember, filled with every cold and flu germ in the book. After the snow finally melted, a month-long monsoon season set in. My Seasonal Affective Disorder had me by the short and curlies this year, (you're welcome for that visual, by the way). I was ready to toss myself into the lake where my backyard used to be, and never come up for air. But, one day it all finally stopped. The gray skies turned blue...the puddles dried up...and the sandals that I'd decided to start wearing two months ago, finally looked less out of place.  I had survived another winter. This one felt like a dangerously close call.

With the horrors of another midwestern frozen equinox in the books, I am once again intoxicated with the soft green grass and cool gentle breezes that May has mercifully blown in.

I am new again.

Four years ago in May, my husband and I bought our home. It has the most amazing tree in the front yard that boasts magnificent purple blooms for only short two weeks every spring. Simultaneously, there are two more trees in the backyard that explode in the prettiest pink flowers that Mother Nature has to offer. I'm 98% sure they played a big part in why I fell in love with this house. These trees put on their best show for us every May...a beautiful reminder of our treasured beginnings here.

My son will be two years old this week. He was due at the end of May, but decided to arrive three weeks early, on Mothers Day in 2011. After three long years of struggling to conceive, I'd had a difficult pregnancy, with weeks of bed rest, and I was going to be induced the following day, but my sweet, and ever-impulsive son had other plans.

At two in the morning, I got up to use the restroom, for the 900th time that night, and my water broke. I hadn't showered, shaved, eaten, or slept much...I'd had big plans for the morning of my induction. Peanut didn't care. It was showtime.

After seventeen hours of labor, followed by three more hours of pushing, Leo was finally here. He and I both had a rocky start, as he was taken to the NICU for several days, and I ended up in the hospital for another week and a half because of other complications. But, eventually, we were reunited, and were given the green light to go home. The trees has flowered and lost their blooms by the time that I was back at home. I was sad to have missed them, but spring's renewal had brought a different kind beauty and life to our home once again.

May is my favorite time of year. It's my unofficial official New Year. It's a clean slate. It's Mother Nature's apology for recent wind chill factors. It's a recommitment to taking long walks on Saturday mornings. It's a time for cleaning out closets, for blowing bubbles in the yard, for planting aromatic herbs that will waft through my kitchen window in the evening to reward me while the dishes are being done. It's the ultimate reason to sneak out of work, and to go to the park with my munchkin, and pick dandelions that we'll celebrate like a bouquet of roses. It's the perfect reminder to count all of my beautiful blessings.

I'm reemerging from winter's cocoon...from my new job blues...from the stifling season of sweater-weather. 

I am waxing nostalgic, and rejoicing in all of the kindness that May has shown me. 

Mama is baking a birthday cake for the cutest two-year old on the block. She is strapping on her neon running shoes again. She will get a pedicure after that. Mama will drink something fruity and she will stop staying at the office late. She will bask in the beauty of her yard, and her family, and her wonderful life that she was starting to take for granted somewhere in the middle of February. 


Mama found her bloom. Which was never really lost...only snow-covered and hibernating.

...and she encourages you do enjoy it, before it inevitably falls off when summer arrives, and she starts complaining about the mosquitos and stifling heat...

In the mean's good to be back!


  1. *short and curlies* heeheehee

    I love your analogy of this time of year being like New Year - I totally agree. I feel like I'm "nesting" right now (though, I'm NOT just to be clear). I want everything gone and a fresh start. It is time.

    And happy, happy birthday to the little one! I hope you have a great day celebrating with the little man. My little guy's 2nd is next month. They grow up so fast, don't they?

  2. welcome back babe...Happy Birthday to your angel. I feel the same way about my son's bday at the beginning of June. he is my miracle and I feel like a new year has started on his birthday.

    Can't wait to read more of your posts.

  3. Welcome back, Jen! Those Michigan winters...Ugh. Glad you found your Spring groove!
    May is a wonderful time of renewal. Enjoy those beautiful blooms (your tree is gorgeous, BTW). Grab all the sun that you can and keep smiling :)

  4. Glad you found your bloom! Send some sunshine this way :)

  5. Welcome back and I love how you found your bloom. And happy second birthday to your sweet sunny son (and congrats on the house!)

  6. Of COURSE we're still here! So glad you're back--I've missed you!

  7. Yay! You're back! I missed you! Oh... and that reminds me.... I need to get a move on that herb garden. My cilantro and basil won't grow themselves!

    And happy birthday to yer wiggler! May he get all the merch he can handle!

  8. Happy May mama! So happy you are enjoying it. This was a great post and an ever reminder of why you should never stop writing, you're too good at it. :) xoxo
    My almost two year old was born in May as well. Slowly but surely we are finding out we have so much in common.

  9. Welcome home mamacita! It's been a long, difficult season but it's over. Glad you're back. Hopefully my muse will come out of hiding soon too. Love you and happy birthday to BOTH Leo and you!

  10. I love this post and can relate to so much of it! S.A.D. sucks big hairy monkey balls. I love how you said that May is your unofficial new year; I totally get that. I feel the same way. As soon as it's clear that winter is behind us, and there's more sun than not, it's like a whole new world for me :) Welcome back and I look forward to reading more!

  11. Glad you're back and feeling better! It was a harsh winter here too (not really, but I want to be with you in solidarity)! Beautiful tree by the way!
    Justin Knight- Writing Pad Dad
    Writing Pad Dad Blog

  12. WOOT WOOT! You've been missed! And writing is a bitch for me in the winter, so I totally understand!

  13. YAY! So glad you're back! You were missed!

  14. Nice to see you here again! What a gorgeous tree!! Love the whole story and give the big boy (not your husband :P) a big hug for me!!

  15. Welcome back - some of us never left. I kinda wiped out your snack supply while you were gone. My bad!

  16. Awesome writing, beautiful blog, adorable baby. Glad to have found you! Lucky me :) I'm looking forward to more!

  17. Welcome back! I liked reading your little man's birth story too! Hope you are enjoying your Spring.



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